Ephesians 2


          Ephesians 2 is a great book to look at and outline for a Christian.  The overall theme of chapter 2 of the book of Ephesians is that we (Christians) are made alive in Christ through His sacrifice for our sins on the Christ.  It goes on to talk about our salvation being a gift that we cannot earn.  Also, that Christians were created to do good works.  These are the “themes” of Ephesians 2 but the overall theme is that Christians are made alive in Christ.

            In the beginning of chapter 2, Paul (the writer of the book of Ephesians) opens up by saying that we (Christians) were dead in your transgressions and sins because we did not have salvation in Christ.  It is saying that we were living in the ways of the world and not of the Lord.  Verse 3 says that all of us lived according to the ways of the world at one time in sin and following the desires and thoughts of the flesh.  Then, in verses 4 and 5, Paul says that because God loves us so much and is merciful, He sent Christ to make us alive even though we were dead because of our sins.  Verse 6 says that through Jesus we (Christians) are able to enter in Heaven.  And verse 7 goes on to say that God places us in Heaven to show His incomparable grace through the kindness displayed by Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 2:8-9 are two of the most important and popular verses in the entire Bible.  They say, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast.”  These verses are very simple to summarize.  These verses are saying that Christians are saved only by the grace of God.  There is nothing that any person can ever do to earn the salvation that we are offered through Jesus Christ.  Our salvation is a gift that God freely offers to those who believe that His Son died for our sins and transgressions.  Verse 10 says that Christians are considered God’s “workmanship” or work force and we were created to do “good works prepared in advance for us to do by God.”  This verse is just saying that God called us to do good works that He had planned for us before we were even born or thought about.  This verse has often been used by Calvinists to support their theory of predestination.

            In Ephesians 2:11 Paul starts talking about Gentiles and saying that we were once called “uncircumcised” and not accepted by God.  That at the time we were separate from Christ, not citizens of His kingdom or people.  Verse 13 goes on to say that because of Jesus Christ we have been allowed to become citizens of the kingdom and chosen children of God.  Verse 13 says that Christ is our peace and He destroyed the barrier that separated the Gentiles from the Jews by abolishing the old law.  And by so doing this, He reconciled both the Gentiles and the Jews to God through the cross, where He was put to death for all of our sins.  Verse 17 says Jesus came to preach peace to those who were near (Jews) as well as those who were far away (Gentiles).  And verse 18 says that we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.  Therefore, it is the same for all people to enter Heaven and this is through Jesus Christ.  Verse 19 says that because of this we are no longer strangers and aliens, but citizens or members of God’s household.  Verse 20 states that the foundation was laid by the prophets and apostles but the Jesus Christ is the “chief cornerstone” (most important part).  Through Jesus Christ the whole building is joined together and because of Jesus Christ the building is considered holy and pleasing to the Lord.  Verse 22 says that in Christ are temple (body) is being built (developed) to become a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.

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